I exist on the fringe. I am a mom, a small business owner, and a lightworker, or mystic, or indigo starseed. I do not have much of a social life, as my laser-focus is divided between my family, my spirituality, and my business, so I am not too saavy with regards to current mainstream trends. Late last year I started seeing the word “crunchy mom” online and had to ask one of my dearest friends Kate what the heck it meant, because she is way more hip than I am.

I have come to terms with the fact that this adjective could have been written based on my life, haha. Home birth, conscious parenting, make most foods myself at home, alternative medicine (Ayurveda) student, Kundalini yogi, conscious business owner blah blah blah. And here I thought I was so delightfully odd and unique… like a snowflake. (Pun intended, I know what this one means.)

Anyhow, my partner and I were joking around yesterday about our morning ritual of a gallon of cold brew coffee with my home-made nut milk and Longevity Warehouse superfood mushroom drops to get the day rolling, and concluded that I had to post this blog about it, glorifying not only MY crunchy ass, but also attempting to support all those crunchy folks out there with a superfood coffee recipe. Without ado, this one’s for you. Cold brew rev up to start your day, with the added boosts of cellular hydration with raw coconut water and immune/longevity/antioxidant medicinal mushroom tincture!

Coffee and cacao with crystals and kundalini yoga to project success into today and tomorrow, unto infinity.

Recipe makes 1 glass:

Cold brew coffee 1/4 to 1/2 cup depending on how strong you like it (home made, or Trader Joe’s when I do not have the time)

Organic stevia drops to taste

Harmless Harvest coconut water (about 1/4 of glass)

Coconut cashew nut milk (to taste, recipe below)

1 1/2 droppers of Longevity Coffee Drops

*Enjoy lasting energy to have a stellar day*

Disclaimer: A glass for me is a pint Mason jar, so quantifying this is up to the individual 😀

Easy breezy 5 minute Coconut Cashew nut milk recipe

Mix in blender:

1 heaping tbs Artisana raw cashew butter

1 heaping tbs Artisana raw coconut butter

Dash of celtic salt

1/4 tsp organic vanilla extract

Blend with 8 cups of water and voila!

Fresh home made nut milk with no messy juicer or additives. You’re welcome <3