Ericka, Sales Manager

Ericka is our Queen sales force extraordinaire! She is our boots on the ground, enthusiastically spreading the joy and magic of what we do. You will see her smiling face and infectious cheer in stores doing our product demos. She consistently touches hearts with her genuine kindness and contagious warmth of being, a true angel of goodwill. Her background is health and wellness, so she also plays a large part by educating the public, sharing the significance of our sourcing, ingredients, and the health benefits of our formulations.

As our client liason Ericka also personally tends to all of our stores and customers in Los Angeles & Ventura counties. We would like to say her boundless energy is from all the cacao (her faves are ORMUS and Lavender,) but she is naturally a very energized and bubbly person!

Sacred Cacao Keepers

Our company has grown to two more amazing team members! We are so grateful to announce our sacred cacao keepers, Cori and Alejandra. These women work in a devotional sacred space to hand pour and wrap each chocolate with love, laughter, and joy. These fabulous ladies are mothers, entrepreneurs, and wisdom keeper priestesses who contribute to the activating power and healing frequencies of cacao with their very hearts and personal touch. Cori’s favorite formula is the Celtic Sea Salt, and Alejandra’s is the Matcha 🙂

Together, each of us brings a unique lineage genetically and culturally to the cacao drawing board, and this synergy has created a magical vortex, a veritable cauldron of pure potential. This is the power of women healing and working together. Working with cacao is a subtle and deep medicine. The spirit of this incredible food as an edible, shamanic plant medicine begins to awaken and stir the soul, activating hidden desires, strengthening the heart, and giving us all the courage to pursue our wildest dreams. Just as the Maya intended 🙂

We cannot wait to hear how our story and cacao as a product has touched your life.

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