This is a video I put out on my Youtube channel back in December of 2018 to highlight various awesome mineral/metal supplements that I take to help maintain my health, support my nervous system with these cellular upgrades, and also ensure my immunity despite environmental toxins. The various substances presented are the very best quality; my personal favorites from my collection. My intention here is to share what I have learned about how to supplement our bodies and spirits at an atomic level from over a decade of research and experimentation using my own body. This same scientific understanding of our nutritional needs is the most important part of the magic underlying the alchemical formulations of my chocolate that I have designed with our optimal nutrition and soulular actualization in mind.

This is liquid crystal nutritional supplementation to access our highest potential. Start with the physical body through nutrition to climb the ladder of conscious awareness to the portals of heightened perceptions and limitless, fulfilled living on purpose. Please note that this is a video I recorded myself to share this vital information. This is only my 3rd video, and I have not had time yet to learn video editing. It just felt very important to share this information. Be forewarned that it is dorky and not at all fancy or even edited, but authentic and rich with wisdom for your health and radiance 🙂 Thank you for watching.