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Powerful antioxidant synergy! These berries band together to form a potent healer. Tart berries activate that sweet spot on the backs of your cheeks and melt with dark chocolate ribbons on the palate. This is nutrigenomics; the science of nutrition to heal on a cellular level.

*Organic raw cacao, organic dark grade A maple syrup, 7 berry dried fruit blend, dried raspberries, dried goji berries.

Please note this is for 4 pieces.          75% cacao.          2 grams sugar 48 calories

Packaged in white pearl gift box

Lightcodes for lightworkers, starseeds and wayshowers: Cellular nutrition for ascension, DNA regeneration, re-writes, lightbody support for over-riding and over-writing old program systems, strengthening nervous system to take on higher voltages/frequencies of cosmic energy.


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