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In honor of the Mayans, the ancient quantum time keepers and founders of cacao as a superfood and spiritual medicine. This ancient holy trinity, or holy mole if you will, of peppers from a 1,000 year-old cacao recipe is warm and smokey with mild to strong heat and a finish of Ceylon cinnamon. Stoke the heart fires of the Light Warrior. These peppers can energize, revitalize, and strengthen digestion. This is a medium-strong heat for those who like smokey and spicy.

*Organic fair trade Arriba Nacional cacao, organic dark maple, organic Guajillo, Pasilla, and Ancho chiles, organic Ceylon cinnamon

Please note this is for 4 pieces.          75% cacao.          2 grams sugar 48 calories

Lightcodes for lightworkers, starseeds and wayshowers: Mayan galactic cosmology, sacred ceremony, Pleiades/Sirius lineages, cosmic time, dreamtime manifestation, time wave zero point mastery, starwalker codes.

Packaged in white pearl gift box

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