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Organic coconut caramel filled dark chocolate vegan Easter Eggs

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This year I was inspired to make an egg that looked both vibrant and enticing while still being so delicious. These extra dark cacao eggs are filled with a vegan coconut milk caramel that has been colored with a legit plant-based turmeric dye from my favorite natural food color company, India Tree. These gorgeous eggs are simple, elegant and free from gluten, soy, GMOS, refined sugars, or any other fillers. Organic creamy coconut milk caramels enrobed in a fancy outer shell made of extra dark organic raw chocolate. Delight your palette and celebrate spring with pure indulgence made by hand with love. Such mindfully clean ingredients there needn’t be anything but joy, as nature intended.

Ingredients: Organic Arriba Nacional cacao, organic dark A maple syrup. Center: organic coconut milk, organic dehydrated cane crystals, India Tree yellow food color made from turmeric.


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