Ritual Cacao ceremony organic drinking chocolate -Heart Fire blend 3 for $60 Value pack


Ceremonial cacao drinking blend to invoke inspired action.

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Organic raw ceremonial drinking chocolate. Enjoy having your own sacred cacao ceremony at home! Have a little stock for the winter, for gift ideas, or hosting events and save $15.

*60 grams per pack, each package serves 10*

This fabulous blend is a combination of herbs and cacao for a meditative experience to receive the inspiration to take action in life where needed. Stoke your heart fires to embrace your courage and faith.
This is for men and women who are looking to meditate upon what their next steps are, and to receive inspiration, creativity, motivating energy and clarity.

This sugar free, gluten & dairy free blend has been formulated by Merissa, raw vegan chocolatier and ayurvedic practitioner.

Ingredients: organic raw cacao, organic monkfuit powder, organic maca & Boswellia Frankincense powder.

About the ingredients:
Cacao is a powerful heart opener and can help us find solutions to blocks or questions in life, as well as creativity and inspiration. It is the highest food source of magnesium and strengthens our heart and cognitive systems.
Maca is a powerful adaptogenic herb for stress relief. It balances hormones and encourages endurance, stamina, and physical vitality.

Frankincense has been used traditionally in Ayurvedic medicine to assist with the nervous system, as an antioxidant to fight cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory bowel diseases. Note: There is a micro amount of frankincense in this blend to be mindful of ingesting the medicinal amount per Ayurvedic formulations.


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