One of my missions in life is to help women, men, and children establish fulfilling and profound relationships with themselves. This is the root of self-intimacy; the idea of knowing one’s truth and letting that set the precedent as a map to follow to well-being, happiness, success, and community contributions on a tribal level. This is trusting in one’s self, and also objectively assessing the self in relation to, or in partnership with, a higher power. Is that not the true telos, the true measure of the human potential? Most are not taught this early on, so we go through life carrying around really heavy baggage, not caring properly for ourselves, and creating our life experience from an unconscious, wounded place instead of an empowered one. I love to share my experiences and subsequently acquired tools and sage wisdom with other people, because in all honesty, most of us are wading through the same erroneous trails of shit piles that come from trauma patterning. Walk around them instead of through them. Be all you can be.

My journey has been fraught with both miracles and insanely traumatic hardships. I am so grateful beyond verbal expression for this journey, as it has lead to everything right now in my experience, and enabled me to relate to people from all walks of life with compassion. I will connect anyone with any resource, contact, book, article, supplement, meditation practice, kriya, affirmation,or whatever else they need to succeed. This is paying it forward for all the blessings I have received on my journey thus far, and for those which continue to pour in and bliss up my life. We all take turns lifting each other out of the shit pit.

The journey as a business woman or man is akin to the mighty hero or heroine’s journey. Once you get in the ring and get slugged again and again by various red tape strings, haters and bullies, denials from banking systems because your credit is poor, or being laughed at while sharing your stuff at the farmer’s market because no one has ever heard of it before, there is no denying that being a business owner is one of the most raw and cruel mirrors of your relationship with yourself. Your relationship with yourself, or lack of self intimacy, will always inevitably be immediately thrown in your face through the health of your business. Do you have low confidence? Then your customers will not believe in what you are offering. Did you grow up with bullies? If you haven’t addressed that, then many of the people you encounter will be the same. Do you have a lack consciousness with money? Then your sales may lag or be inconsistent. Ultimately, the success comes from within.

What is your belief system? How do you feel about money, success, health, relationships, the world? You have to believe in yourself and allow nothing to keep you on the floor. Shake it off. Love what you do. Consciously choose to believe in yourself over anything negative. Eventually, the obstacles will become less and less severe as you shift your focus. The yogis say the mind is the ultimate creative, brilliant computer. If you do not take charge of it, it will run amok and create scenarios for you that are quite unpleasant because they are unconscious. You have to program it. Meditation and kundalini yoga to clear the subconscious is a must. Where attention goes, energy flows. Things will get easier, smoother, and filled with grace, and then you will have to learn how to receive the blessings you asked for in the first place. Jedi mind tricks indeed. David and Goliath, but who won in the end?

I have been in business for 6 years now with my raw vegan cacao company, but I have been an entrepreneur since I was four years old. Starting out as an entrepreneur is fucking scary, and the world can be cold, hard, mean, and pitted against you in every possible way. Until it isn’t. Especially in CA, where the taxes and fees alone can put you out of business before you even open your doors, or if you are a digital entrepreneur, post your first insta to promote. Especially if you are fucking broke, a single parent, and have bad credit because you chose food and rent expenses over credit card bills, and do not come from money. I got kicked so many times, and gave up so many times. And out of the blue every so often, someone would call me to check in and see how it was going and tell me not to give up, or I would do an event and have the most incredible, goosebump-filled connections with people. I would receive feedback that was truly uncanny, and borderline metaphysical. These were the tidbits that fed my starved soul through the years which enabled me to keep going. Angels in our lives light the path.

I am here to say that all the appearance of obstacles and the mountain of bullshit you need to climb to get to point Z is arbitrary. I am here to say that we can mindfully offer up our limitations to our greatness. There is a way to supercede all perceived limitations and frustrations and allow your destiny. It all starts with your mindset. The money will come, the connections will come, the skills and field experience will all come. Confidence and trust in one’s self grows with time. You can always check into what is happening in your business and find a root within where your attitude needs a tweak. Like an intimate relationship, they are one and the same.

An idea is an acorn, with the potential to become a mighty forest. But it needs committed tending to. Trust me on this one. I started on ground zero with nothing but my health history, 15 years of research, and a passion for human potential. I learned a lot of shortcuts along the way. Here are a few tips and tricks I have picked up to maximize happiness and get our of your own way. Cut the cords that bind you and dive into your ultimate liberation and success.

1. Make sure what you want to do for your business is really really your mission and purpose. There will be no doubt about it in your heart. Your business is an amalgram of your beingness, and only you can do it the way you do. I do not believe in competition. Yeah, there are a lot of craft chocolate makers out there. But I see our individual businesses as an art form; each person expressing on their canvas in their own style and expertise. And each business has their niche. Sure, you still want to check for market saturation where you live, but this is all common sense. There is a way to market what you do and achieve your own level of success. Maybe it means you get to move to a better place.

2. Meditate. Purge your subconscious of all the error programming.

3. Practice exploring possibilities, having fun with magical thinking, and notice the doubtful thoughts that come up. The doubt is old subconscious crud that has no truth. There is a difference between self masochism of the mind and common sense. Find your truth’s edge.

4. Kundalini yoga. Purge your subconscious of all the error programming.

5. EFT tapping with Brad Yates on Youtube. This can be done for anything from anxiety, money troubles, illness, etc. He is truly awesome.

6. Trust in god, the universe, nature, the goddess, the divine, whatever you identify with as the higher power. You are not alone in this, even when it feels like it.

7. Surrender what is not working and trust that all things work out for you.

8. Only take inspired action. Write a list of all the stuff you need to do so you can get it out of your head, and try to just forget about it. Overwhelm leads to clenching your nervous system and you cannot squeeze anything positive out of that at any level. Then, when the notion to call so-in-so, email this person, go outside and get the mail, go to that place, turn left here, or google this or that happens, do it as soon as you can. This is taking inspired action.

9. If your mission and dreams are a win-win and are in service to the greater good, whether through a service, product, experience, etc, you cannot fail.

10. Meditate some more.

11. Make sure you are eating super nutritious foods, getting 8 hours of sleep, having a good sleep routine, having routine BMS, and eating enough trace minerals. You cannot attain higher levels of thinking or achieving if you are malnourished or do not have a biological routine, because the body is trying to scrape by, rather than thrive. A regular and healthy lifestyle sets the foundation for success.

12. Repeat.

Book recommendations: The Talent Myth, The Outliers, Call to the Lightworkers, Scaling Up, The Tipping Point, Think and Grow Rich, Be Positive even if its not your Blood Type, The Superbeings, The Wisdom of our Cells, The Sophia Code, The Divine Matrix, The Abundance Book, Heal Your Body/Life, Law of Attraction and the Vortex, Removing the Masks that Bind Us, Your Erroneous Zones, The 4 Agreements, Dancing the Dream, You’ll see it when you Believe it…