West Coast Shipping: Our products are shipped 2 day via GSO to the West Coast (CA, WA, OR, NV, ID, AZ, NM, UT) These orders will only be shipped on Monday- Wednesday the latest. For orders that require 1 business day transit time to be shipped the week of the order (CA, NV, AZ), order would have to be placed by no later than 10:30AM EST Thursday, these orders will only be shipped on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday the latest.

National Shipping: We ship to the rest of the US (not including Alaska or Hawaii) via USPS Priority 2 day.  These orders would have to be placed by no later than 10:30 AM EST Tuesday. These orders will only be shipped out on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday the latest.

These products ship cool: All orders are shipped in insulated packaging with frozen gel packs to ensure that your product arrives cool. The chocolates can melt due to their having no additives, so they must be refrigerated as soon as possible upon delivery.

Orders are shipped as not to be in transit or arriving on weekends.

If your order is placed after the deadline of your transit time, your order will be shipped the following week. No orders are shipped on Fridays.

Please understand that we do our best to ship all orders on schedule. Holiday hours are different with both USPS and GSO as these providers are closed on Holidays, so it is best to order in advance.

Note: We do not ship to PO box addresses, Alaska, Hawaii or internationally.


We sweeten with organic dark A robust maple syrup from Bascom family farms in New Hamphire. Each piece of chocolate has 4 grams of sugar. Maple syrup is full of fiber and thus absorbed more slowly by the body, so it is low glycemic and low carb compared to other sugars. It is also full of trace minerals.

Our cacao is sourced from the Longevity Warehouse. This Fair Trade cacao is the revered species Arriba Nacional, and it is not grown on a barren lot like typical CM cacao. This cacao is literally harvested from the jungle in Ecuador where the locals have to ride donkeys on the treacherous terrain, swatting at wasps while they pick the pods. It’s truly nature made, and the workers are paid fairly, which is so critical to having a quality company.

No synthetics! Our flavors are organic essential oils without solvents, organic dehydrated fruits, organic floral waters, or organic, non-irradiated spices.


No soy.


No gluten.

No additives or preservatives.