Spring Celebrations: Our chocolates for Easter

Making seasonal chocolates is one of my favorite parts of owning a chocolate business. Six months out of the year from Halloween to Father’s Day, I get to mix up the routine and craft some special concoctions that are only available for a short season. Since I make chocolates around the clock on a daily basis, the holidays give me some room to stretch my creativity muscles.

Spring is my favorite season. I was born in the Spring, which I guess adds to my particularly passionate affinity for the bright colors, the perfumes of freshly bloomed flowers, and the singing of the birds. As a child and especially now as a mother, Spring and Easter are some of my favorite times to celebrate seasonal cycles and the beauty of our natural world. The word Easter is derived from the name of the goddess Eostre, whose abundance and natural fertility were symbolized in the eggs and baby bunnies that we now associate with Easter. Dying eggs, Easter egg hunts, making special goodies, enjoying the miracle of baby animals in the wild, the surge of physical energy as life begins anew after the winter hibernation, and celebrating the goddess of mother nature in her abundant forms is an important annual rite for myself, my family and friends.

Every year I look forward to making chocolate eggs for kids and adults to have healthy chocolate alternatives for this special holiday. Already this year I have had some heartfelt thank yous from parents whose children have milk allergies, and it feels so rewarding to bring a high quality craft product to the table.
They are tricky to make with a filling, and I just love the elegant patterns of flowers on these molds. Since 2012 I have made these each year filled with peanut butter or raw almond butter. This year I wanted to do something different and classic with almond. Presenting marzipan-filled Easter eggs! These extra dark cacao eggs are filled with a raw vegan marzipan! The marzipan is made of organic almond flour with a hint of organic maple. A simple and wholesome tribute to my Italian heritage.

In addition to the marzipan filled eggs, I have the traditional peanut butter. Peanut butter and dark chocolate…nom. I cannot help myself, as this divine combination is one of those truly magical flavor pairings that is too delicious to pass up.

Lastly, rounding it out with three flavors this year was the solution to really letting myself have some fun. The third flavor is my vegan coconut milk caramel, and this year it has some extra pop. Pictured above in a trifecta with the PB and marzipan, can you guess which is which? I added a legit plant-based food dye made from turmeric by India Tree to the caramel so it has a vivid yellow “yolk” like center! Any opportunity to add some whimsy with clean, non-processed ingredients is an invitation for me to have fun with my business. If you want natural food coloring, try these from India Tree, available here on Amazon.

These gorgeous eggs are simple, elegant and free from gluten, soy, GMOS, refined sugars, or any other fillers. Delight your palate and celebrate Spring with pure indulgence made by hand with love.
Such mindfully clean ingredients there needn’t be anything but joy, as nature intended. Enjoy this gorgeous season. Step outside, take in the flowers and birdsong. Plant in some dirt if you can, or if you live in an urban environment think about a kitchen container herb garden. Slowing down is the key to longevity. Nature truly provides a feast for the senses and countless miracles when we stop and allow ourselves the chance to perceive it.

Happy Spring! May you have great health and happiness. May all of your dreams, prayers, projects and goals be fruitful, high vibe and joyous.