Healthy kids superfood hot chocolate

Who doesn’t have fond childhood memories of hot chocolate? Cool weather, the holidays, crisp school mornings, all enhanced with tearing open those little pouches, adding a little hot water into the cup, and savoring that creamy chocolate. As a grown up and a parent, I have become a passionate -or is it obsessed- label reader. My daughter loves the organic hot chocolate mix from our local Whole Foods, but reading the label and seeing all the additives ignited another fervent quest for me: The quest to make the perfect raw, vegan hot chocolate that is kid AND mom approved. An organic, raw vegan superfood hot chocolate that is organic, free from all fillers, and tastes just like the ones in the packet. Challenge accepted!! I finally found the perfect combination and I dare say you or your kids will not know the difference from the flavor profile between home-made heaven and store bought. To top it off you will have a clear conscience and an energetic boost from all the minerals and magnesium. Nutrition for the win! As a mom I want to fortify my kid with the right superfood nutrition, and I am always really happy when I find another way to sneakily incorporate more into my daughter’s diet AND share these hacks with you 🙂
This recipe is gluten and soy free, low glycemic, and packed with all the magnanimous nutrition from organic raw cacao. It does contain almonds and cashews however, to emulate that incredible creamy milk flavor and texture of hot chocolate. Since my background is Ayurvedic medicine I also incorporated an Ayurvedic herb called Vidari Kanda, which is a lung tonic among supporting many other body systems. After the fires here in CA, the random weather patterns plus the expected season’s “change” from wet to dry and wet again, we all could use some respiratory support. Vidari kanda pulls toxins from the lungs and thyroid, and is tasteless and scentless, making it a good kid friendly herbal remedy. Here is yet another way to add cacao into your diet.
Enjoy <3

Organic hot chocolate recipe:


Your favorite winter mugs


1 liter of hot spring water
2 heaping tbs organic raw cacao powder
3 tbs organic dark maple syrup
2 tbs raw organic cashew butter
1 tbs raw organic almond butter
2 tbs vidari kanda powder
1 pinch celtic sea salt

Add all ingredients into the blender and blend until frothy and gorgeous. Should be a light to medium brown color and smell just like the hot chocolate mixes from the store. Pour into mugs and enjoy once cool enough to sip. Snuggle up and enjoy the luxury of incorporating cacao into daily life in yet another way.