NEW Sacred Cycle Femme Luxe Gourmet Organic Raw Vegan Chocolate Gift Set ~17 pc


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The Sacred Cycle gift set celebrates sisterhood, bringing the sacred back to our feminine experience. There is a reason women crave chocolate during their moon cycle! Cacao is the HIGHEST food source of magnesium and iron! So critical for our health. Amazing gift to celebrate body positivity and feminine empowerment. It is sacred self-care time! Nourish your power, creativity, freedom and inner Queen.

17 piece gift set in a hand-painted collector box (save and use to special mementos, ritual items) includes

Open Heart Ceremonial Drinking Blend to inspire creativity, receptivity, a nervous system reset, empowerment and guidance for your next steps on the path (Cacao powder, monkfruit powder, pearl powder, rose petal powder, packet has 10 servings so you can have rituals with self and others too) Pearl powder connects us to deep inner peace, nourishes our skin, bones, teeth and builds our adrenal system back up. Codes of the heart of Goddess Kwan Yin to connect with in meditation and still moments of self-care. Rose petal powder connects us to the deep Divine Feminine Mysteries, the Rose Codes Magdalene Lineage and extra sensory gifts through an open heart. Sugar free with monkfruit sweetener.

4 Rose Cream Truffles To open the heart and clear out the heart chakra, contains the Rose Codes of the Magdalene Lineage.

4 Maca Moon Drops (raw white chocolate, cacao nibs, Vanilla Bean and Maca) to support your entire body to build all new blood, bone and tissue as it purifies.

4 Celtic Sea Salt To nourish your nervous system with cacao and the 72 minerals in the Grey Celtic salt from Brittany in France, contains the codes of this region, the Magdalene.

4 8 Berry Synergy To support your DNA with the abundant micronutrients of 8 types of berries. Full of antioxidants and cellular delivery level of nutritional support. Superfoods for a super woman!

A crystal intuitively selected for the recipient to feel supported, confident and courageous on the path of awakening,

Injoy this rich, decadent, organic raw chocolate to expand your consciousness just as the ancient cosmic Maya did. Nourish your body, mind and spirit during these powerful times. Slow down and quiet your mind in meditation to self-reflect, journal and assess what needs to be let go of, what practices or action steps must come in to meet your goals, etc. Put your feet up and be still, listen to music, the artistic cravings yet to be fulfilled. How can we get out of our way on a deeper level to receive more, to share more with the world? Open your 3rd eye to meditate with the chocolate. Sip and ask to be shown how to open your heart more deeply than ever before to allow your dreams to come true.


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