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A wine pairing adventure for your tastebuds! 5 different dark chocolates flavored with either spices, dried fruit, or essential oils to enhance any wine flight tasting experience! These chocolate formulas were hand picked to create a sensational experience after I worked in a winery for years pairing my chocolate creations with wines and spirits. These flavors are the most exciting and versatile to pair with many kinds of wine, spirits and even beers!

*Featuring the flavors Orange essence, Celtic sea salt, Vegan mylk, Mayan Heart, 8 Berry synergy
*12 pieces total so you can share with a friend or as a group
*Enough for up to 4 to 6 people to taste and savor when cut into 4ths
* These organic raw vegan chocolates are free from dairy, soy, gluten, peanuts, refined sugar or any fillers. Combine the delicious antioxidant power of raw cacao chocolates, essential oils, and dried berries with your favorite wines or spirits.
*Each order also includes a tasting pairing guide to start your tasting adventure off and help you learn how to pair if you are new to wine & chocolate pairings, or help you innovate if you are more experienced!

Please note this is for 12 pieces.          65%-75% cacao.          4 grams sugar 100 calories

Packaged in fancy gift box

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